Plan to stem domestic violence

THE NSW Government has partnered with White Ribbon Australia in effort to raise the issue of violence against women in culturally diverse communities.

The government will provide White Ribbon Australia with $80,000 to allow it to work with communities of all cultures to help them better understand domestic violence issues.

"The NSW Government, through the Community Relation Commission, is proud to partner with White Ribbon to tackle violence against women," Kiama MP Gareth Ward said.

"It is recognised that migrant and refugee communities often face unique challenges before and during the resettlement process which may impact upon their understandings of domestic violence."

White Ribbon Australia chief executive officer Libby Davies said the funding would allow her organisation to reach more people.

"NSW is one of the most culturally diverse societies in the world so it makes sense for us to develop strategies to broaden our reach within migrant communities and to partner with influential men, including religious leaders, who represent them," she said.

"The NSW Government's funding will enable us to better target our campaigns to men from culturally diverse communities."