OPINION: Readers mostly back Kiama tattoo studio

Feedback to the Kiama Independent  has welcomed the approval of a tattoo studio in Kiama.
Feedback to the Kiama Independent has welcomed the approval of a tattoo studio in Kiama.

THE recent vote at Kiama Council over whether to approve a tattoo studio in Bong Bong Street was a close one 5-4. Councillors spoke for and against the business.

Feedback received by the Independent has been largely in favour of the business.

In an online poll 145 people voted; 127 said they did not have a problem with a tattoo studio in town and 18 said they did.

We received this letter:

RE Kiama tattoo studio gets green light KI May 28

As a small local business yourself why would you print such rubbish regarding a tattoo studio opening in Kiama. "What next - a brothel?

Needle exchange facility?

How about a heroin injection room?

Nothing good will come of this studio" (Councillor Dennis Seage).

There are good things that will come of this business - more local jobs - not just the tattoo artists, but cleaners, window washers, tradesman, apprentice positions, trainees, work experience placements, further money being deposited at the local banks (more staff required), money being input into the local community and probably lots more.

I know you have used direct quotes but what proof is there that tattoos have been linked to needle exchange facilities or heroin injecting rooms?

Which medical journal from the Cochrane database of systematic reviews or the Medical Journal of Australia was this pulled from?

Where is the proof by randomised control trials that tattoo studios are linked with bikies? Or was it pulled from Wikipedia?

Support your local constitutes, like they support you. Give the new business a plug.

It's your decision to get a tattoo or not - otherwise don't walk in the door.

Good on the Cattle Society of Australia for supporting this adventure.

As someone who grew up in Manning St, a Bachelor degree holder, studying law now, I fully support this shop opening. Oh and I've got tattoos too.

Verity Taylor


And this from Facebook - Claire Hyatt: Good luck to the owners and artists of the new shop, people will always have strong opinions on body art, good and bad.

It takes a strong type of person to take those opinions on the chin.

I for one am looking forward to seeing some fabulous art.

What's the old saying? Don't judge a book by its cover . . . some of our covers are just more colourfully illustrated than others."

Jean Hall RE the planned studio's artist Matt Hall: "He's always had a passion for tattoos since he was two-years-old and would sit for hours and colour in his dad's tattoos.

He'd have to buy his weekly transfer tattoos and he'd wear them so proudly but he was a bit devastated once he started kindy because he couldn't wear them to school.

"We've always known Matt would grow up and have a career as a tattoo artist.

"He's always shown strong drawing skills and he'd sit here drawing for eight hours a day just to make sure he was good enough.

"We couldn't be any more proud of the young man that he's become."

Matt Hall: Anyone who knows me will know I bring no harm to the community, I am a gentle giant.

The fact is that under new laws to own a studio or to be a tattooist for that matter we cannot have any affiliations, a full background check is done on us before we are approved.

I was one of the first four within the Illawarra to receive a tattooist licence, so I think that speaks for itself. Tattooing is not just a hobby or a job for me, it is my life.

I am extremely passionate about it and always do my best to constantly improve every time I pick up a machine.