Tents claim sea view

Gainsborough's Phil Beddoe and his daughter Anna at Bombo Beach.
Gainsborough's Phil Beddoe and his daughter Anna at Bombo Beach.

THE RECENT holiday season resulted in an unusually large influx of visitors camping at the northern end of Bombo beach, drawing a mixed response from residents.

Residents have recently taken to social media to vent frustrations regarding tourists camping on land north of Bombo beach. Shiree Miller, of Kiama Downs, is a regular walker at the beach.

She reported having difficulty getting a car park, because campers had set up tables and chairs, while parked campervans sometimes took up several spaces.

Mrs Miller said this started before Christmas.

"You can't even pull up and check the surf really.

"We pay our rates, and they have prime position here.

"One week there was about four tents set up here, as well as the campervans. Enough's enough."

Phil Beddoe, of Gainsborough, is another regular user.

"They take up a few spots, but not all," he said.

"I imagine some locals would be fairly territorial.

"As long as there's not too many people there it seems OK."

Kiama's Joan Gleave walks her dog at the informal camp site twice each day.

"It only seems to have got really bad this year, more people doing it . . . probably because it's free."

Dapto's David Hill uses Bombo beach daily.

He believed it had been listed as a free camping site on a travel app such as WikiCamps Australia.

He said most were well-behaved, although a few started fires, while others hung underwear out to dry.

According to a Kiama Council spokesperson, the land is zoned E2 Environmental Conservation and owned by Sydney Water.

"E2 zoned land does not allow use of the land as a designated camping ground," the spokesperson said.

"To date the council has received no formal complaints regarding the matter."

A Sydney Water spokesperson said part of Sydney Water's land at Bombo headland is accessible to the public for use as a walking track and, infrequently, by campers.

"While Sydney Water does not promote this site for camping, we have had no issues when it has been used for this purpose," the spokesperson said.

"If members of the community have any concerns about how the land is being used we encourage them to contact Sydney Water on 13 20 92."

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