Elusive 'message' in beautiful circles

Crop-circle researcher Megan Heazlewood in a UK crop circle in 2006.
Crop-circle researcher Megan Heazlewood in a UK crop circle in 2006.

DURING her Australian travels speaking about crop circles, Megan Heazlewood has met many people who are sceptical, sometimes angrily so.

She admits that her passion for the subject and need to share what she knows has cost her friends and family.

After being introduced to crop circles about 14 years ago, Ms Heazlewood, an artist and theatre nurse from the Blue Mountains, gave up her day job and became a full-time researcher and speaker on the topic.

Ms Heazlewood said years of research led her to conclude crop circles are communication from a "highly evolved, enlightened and benevolent intelligence" - and said she has the proof to back up her claim. Sceptic, believer, or on the fence about crop circles; it doesn't matter to Ms Heazlewood.

She just wants people to go to a talk she is giving on Monday and hear what she has to say about the global crop-circle phenomenon.

"When I first heard about them I was incredulous and I can understand scepticism, because the information about them is pretty confronting to the rational mind."

Since she was young Ms Heazlewood has been interested in ancient art, wisdom, cosmologies, sacred geometry, mathematics and quantum physics.

The beauty and complexity of the crop circles and their sheer size attracted Ms Heazlewood to the research and the "rabbit holes" of questions and answers.

At Monday's presentation at the Kiama Community Centre Ms Heazlewood will explain how she and others, including the US BLT Crop Circle Science research team, believe the crop circles are formed.

She will also discuss hoax circles and man-made ones which people have claimed responsibility for.

"There are hoax crop circles and they have gotten good at the artwork over the years," she said.

"This is what the mainstream want us to believe. They want us to believe that the whole phenomenon is a man-made phenomenon and then people will just ignore it.

"But it's not the whole truth.

"I am so passionate about this, about what is being kept from us and what there is to learn about it. I happen to believe it is the most inspiring and uplifting thing on this planet and boy, do we need that."

Ms Heazlewood said crop circles appear overnight and range in size from 1.5 metres to more than 300 metres.

She said there had been 12,000 crop circles globally and 71 in Australia, although images of ours are few due to the remoteness of grain-growing areas.

She said while the phenomenon increased in the early 1970s, the earliest reported crop circle was in the 1600s. She said crop circles have been discovered on every continent and in a variety of crops.

According to Ms Heazlewood, Australia had some of the earliest circles - recorded in the late '60s and early '70s.

A special feature of Monday's talk at the Kiama Community Centre will be information about a crop circle discovered in 2012 in Boorowa (near Yass).

Ms Heazlewood said it was a first for Australia in terms of its size, beauty and significance. She said the presentation will also show anomalous lights in the sky captured in video over the crop circle.

For more information, visit Ms Heazlewood's website at cropcircleenigma.yolsite.com or blt.research.com.

■ The talk is on Monday from 1pm until 5.30pm. Admission is $20. RSVP: Adm $20. RSVP: 0414 759 918.