Leave Iluka Reserve alone: Kiama Downs residents

More than 20 residents have lodged objections with Kiama Council’s proposal to rezone part of the land on Iluka Reserve, Kiama Downs.

The land owned by council, zoned for public recreation, could be rezoned for low density residential development in future months.

Sale of the land will recoup an estimated $1.5 million for council, to be spent on local facilities.

Objectors argued that the reserve is used by the local community, the flood-prone and contaminated land may not be suitable for development, the infrastructure is not designed to accommodate additional waste removal services on the road, spot rezoning would set an undesirable precedent, and the scale of the project would do little to help Kiama’s housing shortfall.

Residents had their say at two public hearings in June and early July, attended by 80 people in total.

Council’s report, published on Tuesday, revealed the residents’ qualms with the development.

One resident, Kiama Councillor Mark Way, spoke in favour of the development.

Cr Way believes he is part of the silent majority unperturbed by it.

“There are many people in Kiama Downs who support the planning proposal,” he said.

“Only a small portion of the site is proposed for residential development, the majority will be retained as a reserve.”

He stressed the tennis court and public toilet facilities would remain untouched.

Council will continue to accept submissions on the proposal until July 24.

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