Who’s controlling the action at Golden Valley Road, Jamberoo?

The land, set to be developed, at Golden Valley Road. Picture: Jacqueline Jakeman
The land, set to be developed, at Golden Valley Road. Picture: Jacqueline Jakeman

Jamberoo residents feel they have been left out of the loop on a development set to crop up in their village.

On Thursday, Kiama Council elected to draft a development control plan for the town without employing a consultant, or seeking out input from residents, who were vehemently opposed to rezoning a lot on Golden Valley Road.

The land has been rezoned, without approval from council, but with approval from the Joint Regional Planning Panel. 

And now, the only way to ensure the community is satisfied with the development, is to create a workable control plan.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of very, very angry people at council for being foolish enough not to take on the input of the Jamberoo residents,” Jamberoo Valley Ratepayers and Residents Association secretary Graham Pike said.

“They voted against employing a consultant, part of the consultancy involves coordinating a cohesive public response so people can define what they want in their village.

“Unless this is embraced by the people of Jamberoo, it will never be accepted.”

The community will be consulted when the plan is unveiled.

However, Kiama councillor Neil Reilly, who spoke in favour of employing a consultant, believes they’re better off engaging Jamberoo residents from day dot.

“I don’t believe we're serving justice by developing a document behind closed doors,” he said.

“It's going to affect their lives.

“We need to engage the community before we foist plans upon them.”

His motion was defeated, but there is hope for Jamberoo residents.

They have appealed to the state government for $30,000 in funding for a consultant to develop a plan of their own.

“We'll do it for council and hand it over in three months,” Mr Pike said.

Kiama MP Gareth Ward will attend a meeting to discuss funding with Jamberoo residents on July 4.