NOW is time for good deeds, a little kindness

DIRTY deeds might be done dirt cheap, but if National Others Week catches on, AC/DC might want to reconsider their famous lyrics.

Running from October 29 to November 4, National Others Week (NOW) encourages people to get out and perform a good deed for somebody else.

While it may only run once each year, it's hoped that the week will act as a springboard to motivate an increase of good deeds in society.

"It's a national initiative that's encouraging people to help each other out by doing a good deed or perform a random act of kindness," Shellharbour City Community Church Pastor Simon Cook said.

"Obviously it only runs for a week, but hopefully it can act as a springboard to get people to perform good deeds more often through the course of the year.

"I mean just think about what it be would like, and the positive vibe there would be in our city, if good deeds and random acts of kindness were things that happened all the time."

In an effort to further promote National Others Week, Shellharbour City Community Church has thrown its support behind the idea.

"We're going to celebrate the week, currently we've got a couple of ideas that we're fleshing out.

"At some stage during the week we're looking at getting some people together and performing a large act of random kindness for somebody that needs it," Pastor Cook said.

"There's also a lot of good deeds that are being done out there now, so another thing we're looking at doing is getting some people who are out there doing them and having an awards ceremony or something like that to give them some recognition."

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