Site to aid job seekers

GETTING back into the workforce will hopefully be made easier for residents in the Illawarra, thanks to a new website.

Illawarra-based company Sliding Doors, which helps people who have been made redundant find their way back into the workforce, has launched a website to provide job seekers with a range of resources to help them.

"One of the biggest issues when people lose their jobs is that they lose connection.

"The aim of the website is to keep them connected with opportunities that are out there and connect them with people who might be able help them and offer advice about finding a new job," Sliding Doors director Simon Davie said.

It is hoped the website will create a social network for job seekers and the employed.

"We want this to be something separate from things like Facebook; if somebody's been out of work for a year or two they might not be comfortable talking about that on Facebook.

"The aim here is to create a safe environment where people can use an alias if they like and form a bit of a community," Mr Davie said.

"Say if you're somebody who's worked in finance and you want to find out about mining, well then you can post a question and then hopefully somebody who's worked or works in mining will answer it for you."

Sliding Doors wants to see the website grow into a one-stop shop.

"We want it to be a site where people can go and find everything they're looking for so there will be discussion forums, tips on what you should put on your resume and interview advice, as well as a range of other resources."

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