What's on the agenda at Shellharbour City Council?

Here's what’s coming up at Shellhrbour City Council's next meeting on Tuesday, August 12.

Shell Cove Links

COUNCIL will discuss subsidy amounts paid to the Links Shell Cove golf course.

The matter comes in response to a Question on Notice from councillor Peter Moran, calling for an explanation of $154,000 subsidy increase in the last financial year. Cr Moran called into question a previous motion that was adopted by council in 2011 to reduce the amount of money to subsidise the Links.

The report states the amount incurred by the council was due to “unplanned costs”, which included purchase of water, expression of interest and building maintenance.   

The report tables a decrease in the annual deficit for the Links since the council took over management in 2008. A graph indicates the deficit has reduced from -$411,000 in 2008/09 to -$130,000 in 2014/15.

An extraordinary meeting will be held on Monday night to discuss Expressions of Interest options from the tender process for the future management of the Links Golf Course.

Old council chambers - Warilla

Discussion on the sale of the former council chambers will be discussed in closed council at the meeting this month.

The matter will report back to councillors on results from the tender process and expressions of interest received during that period. The sale includes the two lots on Lake Entrance Road, Warilla.

Shellharbour Hub Project tender

Council will discuss Early Contractor Involvement and Design and Contract Services as part of Stage one of the Shellharbour City Hub Project.

This phase seeks to collaborate with firms who had submitted expressions of interest during the tender process.

Fifteen submissions were received and council has identified ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd as the “most advantageous” firm for the project. Each of the submissions were assessed against a criteria.

Early Contractor Involvement involves significant work between council and contractor to finalise a lump sum price for the design and construction of the building.

Oak Flats Town Centre draft plan

Councillors will discuss the preparation of Town Centre Plans for Oak Flats township, as part of the council’s Community Strategic Plan.

The report seeks council endorsement of the Oak Flats Town Centre Plan and seeks nominations from councillors for the Project Control Group.  The aim of the plan is to improve the functioning and appeal of the Oak Flats Town Centre.

The two town centres of Albion Park and Shellharbour Village were endorsed by council in March and April 2014.  Other towns identified for the project include Albion Park Rail, Warilla, Warilla Grove and Shellharbour City (City Centre).

Carbon tax credits

Council will discuss the use of funds collected through the State’s Government’s former Carbon Tax policy.

The tax was repealed in July this year by the Federal Government, however Shellharbour City Council had already incorporated the tax into the rates.  At the council meeting councillors will discuss the options for returning the funds collected through the tax to the ratepayer.

The recommendation is to credit ratepayers in the next financial year which would include the interest incurred. Funds already allocated are recommended to go into the redevelopment of Dunmore Recycling and Waste Disposal Depot.

Council recordings

Councillor Peter Moran has submitted a Notice of Motion on the Code of Meeting practice regarding council meeting recordings.

Cr Moran calls into question the recording of confidential sessions and meetings held prior to September 17, 2013 that were allegedly not recorded.

Council responded that a report be provided to as to why the code of meeting practice was not followed and certain meetings not recorded.

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