Discovering the Economics of happiness

BUSINESS as usual or a new way?

As the world continues to grow and globalisation increasingly triumphs, perhaps what is right in front of us, what is local, could be the path to take in the pursuit of happiness.

A feature film that shares insight into this concept, The Economics of Happiness, describes a world moving simultaneously in two opposing directions and discovers sustainable living communities and economies.

Through voices from six continents, including Samdhong Rinpoche, the Prime Minister of Tibet's government in exile; Vandana Shiva; Bill McKibben; David Korten; and Zac Goldsmith, the film aims to restore faith in humanity and the possibility of a better world.

The film touches on topics such as climate change, unstable financial markets, inequality, war and fundamentalism.

Producer and director Helena Norberg Hodge said the story offers not only a big-picture analysis of globalisation but a powerful message of hope.

"The thinkers and activists we interviewed for the film come from every continent [and] represent the interests of the great majority of people on the planet today," she said.

"They argue that a systemic shift away from globalising economic activity and towards the local, allows us to reduce our ecological footprint while increasing human well-being.

Ian Chambers will be a guest speaker at The Economics of Happiness screening, next weekend at Huskisson Cinemas.

Ian Chambers will be a guest speaker at The Economics of Happiness screening, next weekend at Huskisson Cinemas.

"We have found the process of making this film incredibly inspiring.

"It provides insight, hope, reassurance and above all motivation to join the growing localisation movement.

"We hope The Economics of Happiness will bring the same inspiration to viewers around the world."

Critics have labelled the film "powerful", "thought provoking" and "a unique global perspective" on current conversations happening around the world.

The event is presented by Shoalhaven Transition and features at Huskisson Cinemas on Friday, August 15, at 6pm. Tickets are $25 and include food and wine (at 6pm), followed by a panel discussion at 8.30pm with guest presenters Richard Morecroft, Giles Parkinson and Ian Chambers.

For tickets to the event phone 0401 889 594 or 0438 410 076. For more information visit

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