Shellharbour City Community Church accomplishes mission to Liberia

IT’s ‘mission accomplished’ for members of the Shellharbour City Community Church after a huge shipping container of goods, that has been sitting in the church’s parking lot for months, was finally loaded on a truck, bound for Zuba Town in Monrovia, Liberia.

Over the past several years, Pastor Shane Cook and his congregation have been transforming the local school into a place of learning for the under-privileged children, with the shipping container the next piece in the on-going puzzle.

“We are excited about this container leaving and we really want to thank the local community, including schools and businesses, which have made all of this possible,” Pastor Cook said.

“On board the container are 18 desktop computers, two colour photocopiers, books, tables, pens and pencils and lighting for the school as well as generators, a solar powered pump, welders and building equipment.

“We will have a party of six people leaving on October 12, with the plan being to finish off the second stage of school and building a 100- seat auditorium as well as establishing a fish farm that will benefit the whole community.

“One of our working party will be someone who is skilled in permaculture and his job will be to set up the fish farm and train other people there how to care for it.

“We will also be helping construct two water tanks so that the children will have access to fresh water after rain.

“The only thing that can throw a spanner in the works will be the on-going Ebola outbreak in western Africa at the moment, but we will be monitoring the situation and weighing up our options later.”

Pastor Cook said the success of the current campaign had inspired everyone in the community.

“Who knows – we might even get another container and start filling it and try to send something every year.”

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