Yellow Wiggle Greg brings Butterscotch to the Pavilion, Kiama

Q. How long have you been performing Butterscotch’s Playground? 

A. We have been doing live performances of Butterscotch’s Playground since October last year, and played to about 7500 people on Australia Day this year, which was really exciting.

Q.  How did come about - what is the inspiration? 

A.Butterscotch’s Playground is a new show that was actually created by a husband and wife team in the USA.  When I retired from The Wiggles, they approached me to help them bring it to stage and screen.  So, we are starting with a live show here in Australia!

Q What has been the reaction been to the new show? 

A. Children love the show because of the interactive songs that they can sing and dance along with.  In some ways, it has the same interactive elements as The Wiggles – but of course I have new friends in this show – Butterscotch, Honey Bear, Frankie and Charles are my companions as we go adventuring throughout the world and explore new places with the children.

Q. After being part of the world’s most popular children’s show, what elements did you think you had to include for your own show. 

A. Definitely great music, and a style of interactivity that allows the children to feel a part of the show even though they are watching the show.  That was always the key to The Wiggles’ success- making sure that we included the children as active participants in the show, and that’s what we do with Butterscotch’s Playground as well.  The children are the focus of the show – not us!

Q. After playing big venues, in big cities with the Wiggles what is like to be playing in smaller auditoriums, to smaller audiences? 

A. Playing in big venues was always exciting, no doubt about that – but more rewarding was playing in some of the smaller venues where you have a more intimate feel to it and you can see the smiles on the children’s faces as you perform.  Some of my greatest memories from my days with The Wiggles are of playing the RSL Clubs and town halls of country NSW and Australia – that is what I love most.

Q When did you leave the Wiggles? 

A. I left The Wiggles, the first time around, in 2006 due to health reasons.  Once I was on top of my health and managing it properly, the guys asked me to come back in 2012 for 8 months only to help transition to a new yellow Wiggle, because Sam was leaving the group.  As it turned out, Murray and Jeff decided to leave shortly after I rejoined, so they asked me to stay on until the end of 2012 so the original line-up of The Wiggles could retire all together.

Q. What sorts of things have you been doing since?.

A. I’ve been busy with family, mostly.  Butterscotch’s Playground and a couple of other projects such as my Elvis Museum at Parkes in NSW take up my time also, but I enjoy being around home a lot more spending time with the family!

Q Describe Butterscotch’s Playground in three words! 

Fun, adventurous, interactive!

Butterscotch’s Playground will be performed on July 2 from 10am at the Pavilion, Kiama. For tickets visit

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