NSW budget 2014 - the word on the street: VIDEO

UPDATE 12:26

NSW Government is investing half a billion ($500 million) over four years in new money to protect children from abuse and will roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) across the state. 

UPDATE 12:24

$80 million for the Foxground and Berry bypass

$1.2 billion into Pacific Highway and $1.1 billion to the Princess Highway. 

UPDATE 12.20

$92 million for medical research and more than $90 million for mental health in NSW

UPDATE 12.17

$1.3 billion in captial works for health

UPDATE 12.18

309 new police officers will be added to police forces across NSW

UPDATE: 12.17

From July 1 there will be a new home owners grant for Australian Citizens and permanent residents

UPDATE 12:15:

$325 million water security for the regions of NSW and $110 million for regional Tourism Structure 

UPDATE 12:13

$863 million for the North West rail link and $103 million for South West rail link 

UPDATE 12:12

The budget surplus for 2013/14 stands at almost a billion dollars.

UPDATE 12:05:

NSW Treasurer Andrew Constance, "We are 100 per cent committed to maintaining our AAA credit rating"

"We are now in control of the budget, it is no longer in control of us."

UPDATE 12:04

Watch the NSW Budget Live on youtube here

UPDATE 11:40:

THE state budget is just hours away.  It's being called the "infrastructure budget" but only time will tell how much of that makes its way to the south-east.

Will there be any money for the Albion Park Rail bypass? How about for the F6 extension.

The last budget saw just $20 million - of the promised $100 million Illawarra infrastructure fund  from the sale of Port Kembla. Will the remaining $80 million be delivered? 

What about cash for an upgrade of Shellharbour Hospital? Princes Highway work? The port of Eden?

Treasurer Andrew Constance has vowed Tuesday's budget will deliver infrastructure for the whole state regardless of whether people live in the regions or metropolitan areas.

Roads, rail and hospitals will be delivered through a $61.5 billion infrastructure program over the budget's four years.

This is the final budget before the State election and it will be influential.

We've hit the streets and asked people what they'd like to see in the budget...

Fay Ryan, Kiama

Ron Waters, Kiama

Peter Laughton, Kiama

Garry Crough, Kiama

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