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New Lake Illawarra Local Area Command Constable Lisa Imisides and Commander Wayne Starling.

New Lake Illawarra Local Area Command Constable Lisa Imisides and Commander Wayne Starling.

AFTER worrying she had left it too late to join the police, Jamberoo's Lisa Imisides fulfilled her long-time goal when she became one of two new probationary constables at the Lake Illawarra Local Area Command.

The 41 year old had wanted to join the force for most of her life, but the decision to have a family meant she had to delay the process.

"Ever since I was a little girl it's something I always wanted to do, but I had children younger in life so I had to wait a while," she said. "Now they're at the age where I was able to give it a go."

"I thought I might have been too old, but the police force recruits from a diverse range of people, so I'm happy I was still able to do it."

Constable Imisides said a desire to help her community was one of the main reasons she wanted to be a police officer.

"I enjoy being part of the community and giving to the community and I think this is a great way to do that and I think living in the area and my life experiences will help me do that," she said.

"For the next three years I'm on general duties and I'm looking forward to that, after that there's so many different avenues you can go down and I can't wait to see where this takes me."

While some people who have a family might have second thoughts about a career that can be dangerous at times, Constable Imisides said the training she had gone through hadprepared her for what she might encounter.

"I don't live in a fairy land, I know this could be a dangerous job but the training you go through and the team you have around you allows you to deal with that," she said.Constable Imisides joins Clinton Parsons, 31, as the command's new recruits.

Commander Wayne Starling said the addition of people like Constables Imisides and Parsons was positive for the area.

"These two have crossed a lot of challenges in life and made a lot of sacrifices to be here and they're the type of people that we want here," Superintendent Starling said.

"They've both had plenty of life experience, they're both members of the local community and I think they have an extremely good future in the police force."

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