Anzac Day good on greens

KIAMA Bowling Club Ladies Pennants competition for this year has concluded, and despite some really good performances in grades two and three, were unable to secure a flag.

In the meantime plenty of practice is the name of the game and I noticed that there was a lot of that going on, with the regular Tuesday and Thursday games.

It was singles this time round and on Tuesday the winner was L. Mair with P. Matthews runner up. Thursday's winner was the evergreen Vera Collins.

The men got a look in on Wednesday at the customary social triples competition, with K. Thomas, M. Lomas and W. Montefiore worthy winners with R. Blomley, C. Storer and F. Bugby runners up.

On Thursday the pairs competition heated things up as usual and eventual winners were J. Twist and S. Wills, while the pairing of J. Douglass and N. Tylee had to settle for second prize.

It would be remiss of me not to thank the many club volunteers who joined together to make our Anzac Day such an outstanding success.

The extraordinarily reverential 12.15pm service was very well attended as always and the ensuing game of two up was, to say the least, intense.

More than 200 meals were served in our Seaview Restaurant, so book well in advance of next year's 100th anniversary.

-The Umpire