Showtime for craftwork

A KIAMA Downs mother and daughter hope to continue their run of success at the Sydney Royal Easter Show this week.

Melinda Binkins and her mother, Barbara Wyles, are veterans of both the Kiama and Sydney shows.

They have both entered items in this year's Sydney show.

Kiama Downs resident Mrs Wyles has been spinning since 1982.

After success at this year's Kiama event, she has entered five items in the Sydney show - three in the spinning category, and two in knitting.

Mrs Wyles has won several Sydney prizes in the past, including first places.

She enjoyed the challenge of competing against the best in the state.

"It makes you try harder as well," she laughed.

"Spinning is nice and relaxing.

"Knitting I learnt when I was a kid - you never forget, and you just keep doing things."

Mrs Binkins, a felt-maker, has six entries in the Sydney show.

She has been entering items in the show for about five years, and has also tasted success, winning at least one first place annually.

Mrs Binkins said she was drawn to the art about six years ago.

"I enjoy the making, the whole process of making something," she said.

"It's the first fabric that man invented.

"It's not woven, it's virtually compressed, or matted together.

"You don't always get what you think you're going to.

"You think, 'I'll make a hat today', and end up with a handbag."

The pair said winners would be announced this week.

"I hope to see some prizes, but who knows," Mrs Wyles said.

"I got in the cabinet of excellence last year, which was a real honour, for a shawl I knitted."

"You just don't know how you'll go year to year, it's luck of the draw," her daughter said.

"You have different judges . . . it's really unknown how you'll go."

The Sydney Royal Easter Show attracts almost 900,000 people each year, with the country and the city joining to enjoy agricultural competitions, animal encounters, entertainment, carnival fun and shopping.

The Show first took place in 1823 and is run by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, a not-for-profit organisation.

This year's show will take place from April 10 to 23, at Sydney Olympic Park.

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