Sun sets on stack

ON Thursday the 200-metre Port Kembla stack will be no more, after almost  50 years as part of the Port Kembla skyline.

Port Kembla Copper said all preparations for the demolition of the landmark were processing as planned and health and safety arrangements were in place for the February 20 felling.

While there is talk of last minute legal action, the outcome of which was not known at the time of going to press, the Environment Protection Authority had confirmed that testing of the Port Kembla Copper stack revealed no signs of asbestos.

Port Kembla Copper said it has been working closely with government agencies, local representatives and businesses to plan for an incident-free day, taking into consideration all aspects.

PKC said the demolition will make a noise comparable to a loud thunder clap.

PKC staff have visited homes and businesses in the exclusion zone and followed up with regular letterbox updates. 

Registered mobiles will receive an SMS when the all clear is given after the demolition.

Residents in the exclusion zone have been invited to attend a reception centre while they cannot remain in their homes.

A ‘‘pet reception centre’’ will be operational during the demolition should any exclusion zone residents not wish to leave  pets at home or take them with them when they leave.

PKC’s Ian Wilson said demolition dust  will be contained.

‘‘However, it is possible that in the circumstance of unfavourable wind conditions, dust may move over and settle on the suburb of Port Kembla,’’ he said.

 ‘‘PKC will have cleaning crews, water carts, street sweepers and vacuum trucks on standby to rapidly clean up dust that moves beyond the boundaries of the site.’’

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