Warilla shoot on cover

THE wheels are gradually turning for the career of an aspiring Warilla-based photographer and motorcycle enthusiast.

Jamie "Jimbo" LTR's* passion for photography has helped land him the cover of the latest issue of the long-running Live to Ride magazine.

The photo shoot in question took place at a series of locations throughout Shellharbour City.

Live to Ride is a biker lifestyle magazine, established in 1988, and is one of the premier motorcycle lifestyle magazines in Australia and New Zealand.

A longtime fan of the magazine, the 23-year-old hobbyist photographer has been a contributor to the publication for about two years.

Jamie developed an interest in photography at school, saying "it's all I ever wanted to do".

"I love photographing basically everything," he said.

"I always go down to the beach, enjoy doing landscapes, cars and bikes, love shooting my family as well.

"It's just [about] the image I can create . . . everything is a photo - my mind is a camera."

An enthusiasm for bikes led to a contributor's role at the magazine.

He's in the process of gaining his learner's motorcycle licence.

"You can do a bike up really, really nice," he said.

"People spend hundreds of thousands on their custom bikes, plus I love the loud noise.

"It's just cool; you just get on your bike, and you just ride."

Last year Jamie gathered a few friends, including a model and bike owner, to take part in a shoot.

It took place at the abandoned petrol station in Queen Street, Warilla, as well as the old Dunmore Road and the nearby quarry.

The Warilla part of the photo shoot wasn't without its trials, as two men began fighting just metres away.

"Two hobos were punching each other just here while I was doing the photo shoot," Jamie said.

"I had all my expensive gear with me. The model ran and hid when she saw it happen."

Ultimately, it was well worth the effort.

"When I found out I got the cover, I was so excited," Jamie said.

"I would love to be the head photographer for the magazine, or any magazine really.

*Surname withheld by request.

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