Speedsters hoon down side streets

ELAMBRA Estate residents have called for drivers to stop speeding through its streets, fearing for pedestrian safety.

Peter and Lesley Woloch have lived in the estate for two years and have seen many motorists using the area as a shortcut between Belinda Street and Fern Street, on the way to Gerroa.

Mrs Woloch said the traffic seemed to come from the Princes Highway.

"On Saturday mornings, it can be slow getting through town," she said.

"They go through Belinda Street to Greta Street, then Aldinga Avenue, then Elambra Parade to Fern Street.

"The speed limit is 50km/h and they're definitely in excess of that."

Mrs Woloch said children's safety was a concern at the bus stop, and because children often played in the street.

She had a close call when she was walking near the roundabout between Aldinga Avenue and Elambra Parade.

"I was walking on the gutter because there was a lot of construction going on . . . and this car came screaming through the roundabout - it was quite scary," she said.

"I mouthed 'far out', but he must have thought I said something much worse - he stopped the car and went right off at me."

About a year ago, a car hit a tree near the roundabout.

Some residents were so concerned, they put up signs urging motorists to look out for children.

The matter has been raised with Kiama Municipal Council's traffic committee, which will install traffic counters.

Results will be brought back to the committee.

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